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Don't waste another minute writing another losing proposal.

Professional federal  proposal writers don't start from scratch each time they begin a new proposal.  They reference back to past text, and formatting to complete a  compliant, and professional response to an RFP.  Samples taken from  winning proposals save time and effort, enabling writers to meet tight  deadlines and be assured of addressing all requirements.   

Copies of winning federal proposals:   

  1. Show what a compliant federal proposal looks like.   
  2. Serve as guidelines and teaching aides.   
  3. Can be used as a starting outline for a new proposal.   
  4. Can be modified and refined to fit a new RFP thus saving hundreds of hours rather than starting from scratch.

Fedmarket's Winning Proposal Basket includes the following four proposals: 

  • Construction Proposal Sample 
  • Information Technologies Services Sample
  • Professional Services Sample
  • Technical Services Sample

Each sample is from a winning federal proposal submission.


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