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Don't reinvent the wheel each time you write a proposal.

Proposal  writing costs are prohibitive if each proposal is written from scratch.  The Proposal Library provides over 70 pages of model text which can be  used and refined for each new proposal. Cost effective proposal writing  is impossible without an ever growing proposal library.  Use the  Proposal Library and add content for each new proposal. Your proposal library will become more and more valuable each time you write a proposal. 

The Proposal Library includes the following documents, for a detailed look at what is included under each heading, view the TOC listed below. 

Compliance Matrix Model

Executive Summary Model

Technical Approach Model

Management Approach Model

Personnel Model

Corporate Experience / Past Performance Model

Bid / No-Bid Decision Making

Proposal Management Schedule Format

Proposal Library Table of Contents

Compliance Matrix Model 5
Detailed Compliance Matrix 5
Simple Compliance Matrix 6 

Executive Summary Model 7
Executive Summary 7
Proposal Overview 7
Program Manager 7
Key Personnel 7
Relevant Capabilities and Experience 7
Contract Risk Aversion 8
Summary 8 

Technical Approach Model 9
Technical Approach 9
Work Hierarchy Model 9
SOW Table Model 10 

Management Approach Model 11
Management Plan 11
Contract Schedule 11
Contract Management Policies 14
Lines of Authority and Communication 14
Contract Performance Management 14
Management Guidelines and Tools 15
Subcontractor Management and Relationships 15
Corporate Support/Project Management Office 16
Director of Corporate Administration and Human Resources 16
Contact Financial Control and Audit 17
Director of Contracts and Procurement 17
Contract Administration and Procurement System 17 

Staffing Plan 18
Relevant Experience and Certifications 18
Key Personnel Qualification Data 18
Certification Requirements 20
Letters of Intent 20 Quality Assurance Plan 21
Quality Services Team 21
Executive Committee 22
Providing Quality Daily Operational Support 22
Continuous Improvement 24 

Quality Assurance Plan (for small proposals) 24 

Risk Management 25
Risk Documentation 26
Risk Assessment Guidelines 26
Risk Communications 28
Reporting Lessons Learned from Risks 29
Risk Escalation 29 

Transition Plan 29
Phase-In Approach 30
Contract Award to Start Up 31
First 30 Days 32
Project Management Office 32
Reporting 33
Phase-in/Transition Project Schedule 33 

Human Resources Plan 33
Plan Elements 34
Contract Staffing 34
Training 35
Staff Retention 35
Competitive Salaries 36
Comprehensive Individual and Family Benefits 36
Employee Rewards Programs 36
Ongoing Opportunities for Career Growth and Development 36
Annual Employee Performance Appraisals 37
Recruitment Process 37
New Hire Security Clearance Process 38 

Information Security Plan 39
Security Group 40
Security Goal 41
Security Requirements 41
Security Plan Criteria 41
Security Plan Topics 42
Security Control Application 43 

Physical Security Plan 44
Employee Responsibilities 44
Physical Security Committee 45
Security Committee 45
Inspections and Surveys 45
Security Risk Assessments 45
Vulnerable Security Areas 46
Restricted Areas 46
Security Measures 46
General Access to Premises 46
Policy for Passes and Badges 46
Confiscating Passes and Badges 46
Access by Local Law Enforcement Agencies 46
Entry to Restricted Areas 47
Keys and Lock Controls 47
Personnel Monitoring 47
Personnel Searches 47
Guard Program 47
Guard Force Standards 47 Safety Plan 47
Written Program 48
General Requirements 48
Office Safety Checklist 49 

Personnel Model 51
Personnel 51 

Corporate Experience / Past Performance Model 55
Corporate Experience 55
Past Performance 58 

Bid / No-Bid Decision Making 59
Tool: Sales Intelligence Questionnaire 59 

Proposal Management Schedule Format 63
Proposal Management Schedule 63
Compliance Matrix 65
Help For Project High-Level Proposal Items 67
Help For Individual Proposal Items By Writer 68 

Proposal Management Schedule Format 69
Writing a Technical Approach 69
Step 1: Create A Work Breakdown Structure 69
Step 2: Create Tables For Technical Collaboration 70
Step 3. Create A Technical Approach Outline From The Task Logic Tables 73


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