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Write Winning, Compliant Federal Proposals with Our Proposal Writing Recipe.

The  Proposal Recipe is designed specifically for inexperienced  proposal writers.  The Recipe gives you step-by-step instructions for turning an RFP into a winning proposal.  We teach you how to write a proposal that gives the evaluators what they want to see;  nothing more, nothing less. Giving the evaluators too much or too  little  will end up in a loss. The Proposal Recipe includes proposal samples from winning RFPs posted at Fed Biz Opps.  In total the Recipe gives you the perfect blend  of ingredients to produce compliant results every time. 

Features and Benefits of the Proposal Writing Recipe

Our Proposal Recipe uses templates and model content to reduce writing costs.  Successful proposals are built over time using content  from previous  proposals (legacy or model content). 

What's Included?

  • Proposal Recipe
  • Proposal Library
  • Samples of Winning Proposals
  • Filter instructions to extract key requirements from RFP

Features of the Proposal Recipe

A complete step-by-step procedure for writing a federal proposal including: 

  • Model Executive Summary
  • Compliance Matrix
  • Task Maps
  • Model Management Plan Volume


  • Saves proposal writing dollars 
  • Maximizes evaluation scores
  • Ensures proposal compliance
  • Deconstructs the RFP into its important proposal organization and writing requirements
  • Demystifies RFPs by filtering out the red tape
  • Helps you stress why you should be awarded the contract
  • Summarizes your solutions to the government's problems
  • Provides text and formatting to complete a compliant and professional response to an RFP.  
  • Proposal Samples taken from winning proposals save time and effort, enabling writers to meet tight deadlines.


The Proposal Library and the Proposal Samples are available for stand alone purchase:

Win one proposal and the product will pay for itself.

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Purchasing Instructions

The cost of the Proposal Recipe is $690.  Payable by credit card, or check. Once order is placed you will be contacted for payment.  The Proposal Recipe will be delivered via email once payment is approved.